Jennifer McMillan


Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I am the face behind Made New brand and the Melanin Poppin t-shirt. Nice to meet you ☺️

The Story Behind the Brand

I created Made New Brand and the Melanin Poppin t-shirt during a difficult season in my life. But, if I'm honest, I didn't believe in myself enough to release it to the public.

It was early summer 2018, and I'd just been unexpectedly let go from my job. I didn't have a ton of money saved, nor did I have a clear plan for what my next step would be, which made things hard on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a woman of color, many of us try to be superheroes and fly through the pain that we experience. Not realizing that sooner or later, the cape that we pretend to wear eventually wears out, and we're brought back down to earth- forced to deal with the reality of who we are and what our lives have become. This, my friends, happened to me, and began my beautiful journey of healing, forgiveness, self-love, and building a deeper relationship with God.

Through a lot of prayer, therapy, and hard work, I can say that I'm in a beautiful place right now and am happier than I've ever been. So now that I feel better about myself, I can now share this brand (and my life) with the world, to help others feel great about themselves (amazing how that happens).

Say Wassup!

This is much deeper than t-shirts and websites. Feel free to say hi, ask for prayer, business advice, exchange pound cake recipes, whatever...just don't spam me. You can also find me on Instagram @jenthemarketer. Link up with me there; it's my favorite place to be when I'm online.