The Melanin Poppin Collection

The idea behind this collection is simple. We believe that ALL shades of Black women are beautiful, and our beauty should be celebrated on merchandise that truly reflects us.

The Melanin Poppin T-Shirt available in 3 shades.


Multicultural santa tees (Adult, KIDS & tODDLER SIZES)

  • Multicultural Christmas T-Shirt (Adult Sizes)
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  • Multicultural Christmas T-Shirt (Toddler & Kids Sizes)
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Love Black Men

Show your love, support and appreciation in this unisex T-shirt

Love Black Men T-Shirt


God is Love Collection

A simple reminder of this beautiful truth. All are loved, and free to be loved, without judgement, by the creator and giver of life.

God is Love Unisex T-Shirt


For Kings Only

Honoring and celebrating the awesomeness of men, boys and babies in this collection.

King & Young King T-shirt


Tote Bags

Made New Canvas Tote Bags



Made New Buttons



Keep COVID-19 and ALL the bad vibes away with these cotton, triple layer, washable masks.

Staying 'Rona & Drama Free Mask


Croc Charms (Jibbitz)

Take your style to the next level with this collection of Croc charms!

Melanin Poppin Jibbitz


Our Story

How life's lowest moment sparked a vision to help heal and encourage others.

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The creator is the TRUTH! Made New Apparel is more than a business venture, it’s a ministry indicative of a pure and authentic lifestyle in Christ!

QuaNeice H.

Loving my Made New Apparel tee. The fit and feel is amazing!

Sambié M.